BMMRO's personnel have over 50 years of field experience studying marine mammals in The Bahamas which, in combination with our resources available, allow us to provide a broad range of services. These include contracted field work for universities and research organisations, field expeditions for students, analysis and reporting for environmental agencies, and logistical support for professional cameramen and film crews. Please contact us if you are interested:


Personnel Skills:  

Marine Mammal Observers

Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessments

Analysis (statistical, acoustical, mark-recapture)

Field skills (Licensed captains, photo-identification, biopsy sampling, tagging, acoustics, line transect survey methods)

Available to provide educational talks and presentations about marine mammals
Resources Available: 

Research centre (accommodations for 9) with close proximity to study animals (bottlenose dolphins, Blainville’s beaked whales and sperm whales)

Longitudinal dataset for marine mammals in the Bahamas (25 years)

Two 6.5 m rigid-hulled inflatable boats with safety equipment

Two Fujinon 15 X 80 “big-eye” binoculars

200 m towed hydrophone array

Tascam DR680 multitrack recorder 

Handheld hydrophones

Two Loggerhead stationary acoustic recorders

Manatee tagging and tracking equipment

Remote biopsy sampling equipment

Nikon SLR cameras