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What to do if you find a stranded marine mammal?
If the animal is alive:
1. Call the stranding hotline
2. Don't push or drag the animal back into the water
3. Stabilise the animal
4. Support the animal in an upright position
5. Keep the animal moist
6. Do not cover or obstruct the blowhole
7. Try to provide shade for the animal
If the animal is dead:
1. Call the stranding hotline
2. Secure the animal until a necropsy team arrives to determine cause of death

Why report a stranding?

Strandings provide important information on the biology and health of marine mammals and, in turn, the health of our marine ecosystems. This includes basic information on the biology and ecology of marine mammal species, such as an animal’s age, the types of prey it consumes, and the occurrence of diseases within populations.


The Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Working in partnership with the Bahamas Department of Marine Resources, Southeast U.S. Marine Mammal Stranding Network and Atlantis' Dolphin Cay, BMMRO created the Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network.
Over 70 trained participants and a dozen veterinarians from 15 Bahamian islands have been trained as stranding network members since 2008.
When a stranding is reported, the network will be activated and the nearest network member will able to arrive quickly at the scene.
Training workshops for Bahamians are conducted on a regular basis. If you are interested in getting involved, consider joining our google group, for the latest updates and to learn more. Also check out the links to more information about stranding response on this page.